Unconventional Resource Guidebook


Unconventional Resource Guidebook

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Unconventional oil and gas resources, including shale gas and crude oil from tight reservoirs, are changing the future of the energy mix. As conventional sources decline, unconventional resources are becoming increasingly important to meeting future energy demand. The Unconventional Resource Guidebook showcases the latest innovations and technologies while discussing the challenges and opportunities the industry is currently facing. The publication is endorsed by the Canadian Society for Unconventional Resources.



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  • Polybagged together with Oilweek, the Unconventional Resource Guidebook has a circulation of 10,000

  • Distributed at trade shows, conferences and other major industry events

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Why the Unconventional Resource Guidebook?

A unique look at the Canadian unconventional oil and gas sector, the Unconventional Resource Guidebook provides an overview of the current state of the unconventional resources sector, focusing largely on the explosive pace of development of shale gas and light tight oil resources in western Canada. Current production levels, main plays and future challenges and opportunities are discussed, while new technologies—and the companies developing them—are highlighted. And a comprehensive directory of Canadian companies actively involved in the unconventional sector provides a handy reference tool to the breadth of the industry in Canada.


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