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If you’re looking for someone to conduct seismic testing or you just need to find a hotel in Fort Nelson, then look no further than our directories—where energy companies turn to stay connected.

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Canadians LNG Guidebook

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Canadian LNG Guidebook

It is estimated that Canada’s natural gas reserves equal 573 trillion cubic feet—the fifth largest in the world. The potential exists for Canadian producers to position themselves as suppliers in this growing international demand — if some headway is made on the 14 proposed LNG facilities.

This guidebook looks at the challenges Canada faces in developing this propitious industry, and what this will mean for Canadian business. In addition to analysis from industry experts, you’ll find maps, a directory, details on the processes, economics, players and more.  

Canadian Oil Register 2013 - 2014

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Canadian Oil Register

The Canadian Oil Register (COR) provides fast and direct access to comprehensive listings of more than 2,400 companies participating directly or indirectly in Canada’s energy industry. Primarily focused on the exploration and production community, the COR includes a Canadian Geographic Index, an International Index, a Mergers & Acquisitions Index, a listing of Products and Services, and a Who’s Who section, an alphabetical reference to over 10,000 key personnel affiliated with the companies listed in the COR.


COSSD - Canadian Oilfield Service and Supply Database

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Canadian Oilfield Service and Supply Database

The Canadian Oilfield Service and Supply Database (COSSD) is Canada’s most comprehensive oilpatch directory and buyer’s guide, with a specific focus on service and supply companies operating in Canada’s Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin. First published in 1981, the COSSD celebrates over a quarter century of connecting businesses, clients, products, and services across the Canadian oil and gas industry.


Environmental Innovations Guidebook & Directory

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Environmental Innovations Guidebook & Directory

A unique collaboration between the Canadian Heavy Oil Association, the Canadian Society for Unconventional Resources, the Alberta government and JuneWarren-Nickle’s Energy Group, this initiative showcases the steps that governments, industry organizations, producers, developers, and service and supply companies in Alberta are making to improve the industry’s impact on the environment.


Heavy OIl and Oilsands Guidebook

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Heavy Oil and Oilsands Guidebook

The Heavy Oil & Oilsands Guidebook is the annual playbook for one of Canada's most important industries. This publication examines heavy oil and oilsands development and its influencing factors holistically, providing an invaluable reference tool to guide business decisions in the sector.


Unconventional Resource Guidebook - Volume 3

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Unconventional Resource Guidebook

Providing a balance between the technical and the practical, the Unconventional Resource Guidebook showcases the latest innovations and technologies being used throughout Canada while discussing the challenges and opportunities of this increasingly important sector and its contributions to the future energy mix.