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The Daily Oil Bulletin gives you the power to uncover business opportunities through comprehensive databases, interactive maps and exclusive analysis of industry trends.

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The CanOils database gives you focused insight into the activities of all publicly listed oil and gas companies in Canada.

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Oilsands Review packages unparalleled news with data and analysis, offering balanced and constructive insight into the oilsands business.

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Evaluate Energy is a comprehensive online database of financial and operating data on the global oil and gas industry.

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Used by some of the largest companies in the industry to track opportunities, market movements and competitors, Evaluate Energy's Global M&A Database is designed to let you see the latest asset and corporate valuations quickly and easily.

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Get current and accurate information about western Canada’s drilling rig fleet on riglocator.ca. The online Rig Locator tool lets you pinpoint prospects and analyze the competition.

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Updated regularly, the digital Oilfield Atlas gives you access to high-quality detailed maps, WCSB facility information and more.

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The POST Report provides project information and key contacts for upcoming oil and gas construction projects throughout western Canada. Our information on drilling, facility, pipeline, energy, alternative energy, oilsands and maintenance/turnaround projects can be used as a strategic tool for support, sales, and planning.

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We have one of the deepest sets of Canadian and global oil and gas data to support your information needs, with custom reports in areas such as company benchmarking, cost studies, production and more. Our consulting organization will help you identify market opportunities and operational best practices.

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JWN Maps & Charts further illuminate the content featured in our oil and gas publications, providing readers with the opportunity to delve deeper into relevant and timely oil and gas subject matter.

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JWN Custom Data and Research

Trust JWN to provide custom datasets and reports to meet your needs.

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Oilweek provides the facts and figures that energy executives need to excel in their decision making. As Canada’s oil and gas authority, Oilweek profiles the latest innovations, individuals and companies.

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New Technology Magazine reports on new and cost-saving technologies in the upstream oil and gas industry.

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Alberta Construction Magazine is Alberta’s only business magazine exclusively devoted to covering the construction industry. It delivers balanced and relevant reporting showcasing the Alberta construction industry’s projects and people.

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Produced in partnership with the Canadian Society for Unconventional Resources, this guidebook looks at the challenges Canada faces in developing this emerging industry and what this will mean for Canadian business.

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The annual supplement to Oilsands Review, the Heavy Oil & Oilsands Guidebook examines heavy oil and oilsands development and its influencing factors holistically, providing an invaluable and unique reference tool to guide strategic decisions in this sector.

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The Environmental Innovations Guidebook & Directory highlights the unique processes and innovations that are being implemented in the industry to lessen environmental impact.

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The Unconventional Resource Guidebook is a one-stop source for information related to shale gas, tight oil and other unconventional resources in Canada.

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The Comprehensive Oilfield Service and Supply Database is the North American buyer’s guide to the oil and gas industry, providing access to over 13,000 companies in over 1,200 categories.

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The Canadian Energy Supply Chain Forum provides a platform for producers, suppliers and their collective sources of counsel to come together to discuss pertinent industry issues relating to all stages of the supply chain.

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The Canadian Energy Supply Chain Forum provides a platform for producers, suppliers and their collective sources of counsel to come together to discuss pertinent industry issues relating to all stages of the supply chain.

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The Canadian Energy Projects Forum focuses on the collaborative construction process, demonstrating how small process changes can yield dramatic results by bringing projects in on time and on budget.

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The Canadian Energy Technology Forum brings together leaders from both the energy and technology sectors to collaboratively discuss the many opportunities for innovation, tech enhancement and information management.

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The Canadian Heavy Oil Conference brings together hundreds of professionals, experts and presenters for a day and a half of networking and presentations that increase directly applicable heavy oil and oilsands industry knowledge.

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Speaker Series extend the knowledge of experienced presenters and experts to an engaged audience of industry decision makers. Webinar Series are live, interactive online presentations where industry experts explore timely issues pertaining to the energy sector.

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At its Oil & Gas Investor Showcase, EPAC hosts a first-class conference that connects analysts, fund managers, investors, industry executives and media with a selection of Canada's most dynamic junior and mid-cap oil and gas producers.

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The EPAC Awards bring several hundred executives from Canada’s oil and gas industry together to salute top Canadian companies.

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Presented by  Oilweek, the Rising Stars Awards celebrate the achievements of the best and brightest in the Canadian oil and gas industry.

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The Alberta Export Awards are the province's most prestigious awards, paying tribute to the innovative approaches and success of Alberta export companies.

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Alberta Construction Magazine's Top Projects Awards celebrate the construction industry's accomplishments throughout the year.

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