Oilpatch History

Galloway Services Friday

JOHN O. GALLOWAY passed away Feb.18, 1981 at age 81.

John O. Galloway came to Calgary in May 1938 to establish the first office of "The California Standard Company" in the Lancaster Building in Calgary. From that small beginning grew one of the largest Corporations in the Canadian Oil Industry CHEVRON STANDARD LIMITED.

During the 1938 to 1949 period while John Galloway directed the activities of California Standard in Canada he contributed much to Canadian Oil Industry's development in Canada; the Mines Ministers conferences, the Calgary Petroleum Club, The Canadian Petroleum Association, as well as Calgary Community Activities Calgary Philharmonic, Y.M.C.A., United Fund, Calgary Golf and Country Club and Ranchmans Club to name but a few.

Mr. Galloway left "Standard" to establish his Petroleum Consulting Firm and later established his own Canadian Oil Company, GALLITA OILS LTD.

Memorial Service will be at the First Baptist Church at 2 P.M. Friday Feb. 20. The family has requested no flowers or donations.