Oilpatch History

Shell Oil Company Of Canada Starts Producing Sulphur At Its Gas Plant At Jumping Pound

SHELL OIL COMPANY OF CANADA LIMITED last week passed an important milestone in the history of oil and gas in Canada when it produced the first sulphur ever obtained in Canada from waste acid gases contained in natural gas.

The scene of this important event was Shell of Canada's JUMPING POUND gas plant 25 miles west of Calgary where sour wet gas produced from the company's gas field is processed into marketable fuel. The fuel, gas is delivered to the transmission line of CANADIAN WESTERN NATURAL GAS COMPANY LIMITED by which it is transported to such points as the town of Banff, the cement plant at Exshaw and to the city of Calgary. In the processing of the gas, hydrogen sulphide and other impurities in the gas are removed. In the past, at Jumping Pound as well as at other fields having gas treating facilities, the hydrogen sulphide was burned as a waste product. Now, at Jumping Pound, Shell has completed the installation of facilities required for the relatively new process of sulphur recovery from hydrogen sulphide and has turned this waste product into an extremely useful and important commodity presently in great demand in Canada.

Several plants in the United States have been obtaining sulphur from similar operations for a comparatively short time but Shell of Canada is one of this country's pioneers in this phase of the industry.

Production from the Jumping Pound plant is expected to be approximately 9,000 tons of elemental, sulphur per year at the present rate of gas production but will increase as the market for gas from Jumping Pound becomes larger.