Oilpatch History

Alberta Development Highlights Today:

HOME BRAZEAU SYNDICATE No.1 is now drilling below 11,305 ft, with estimated depth to the Madison limestone in the next 50 to 60 ft. IMPERIAL ANGLO CROSSFIELD No. 1 is drilling at 8,436 ft, 259 ft in the Madison limestone, with no porosity reported as yet. SHELL OIL No. 16-14-1 at JUMPING POUND is drilling below 1,078 ft; CO-OP No. 1 at STIMSON CREEK, which topped the Crooked Hole Sand in the Lower Blairmore at 10,110 ft, is drilling at 10,170 ft; ROYALITE DE WINTON No.1, drilling 5,647 ft; IMPERIAL LETHBRDIGE No. 2, drill 4,680 ft, in Basal Lower Cretaceous; ROXANA No. 3K at KEYSTONE VALLEY drilling plug after setting 13-3/8" casing at 2,530 ft.

HOME MILLARVILLE No.21, Northwest TURNER VALLEY Extension wildcat, has halted drilling at 9,826 ft, and is running Tubing for test. The Upper Porous horizon was drilled from 9,655 to 9,745 ft.

CONTINENTAL OILS No. 1 is drilling at 6,872 ft; ROYALITE LOWERY No. 5, drilling 5,901 ft; ROYALITE LOWERY No. 7, drilling 1,254 ft; FOOTHILLS No. 24,682 ft.